Great Songs Of The Past: Seam – King Rice

Siamo onesti: in realtà i brani più rappresentativi dei Seam di Sooyoung Park (già nei Bitch Magnet) dovrebbero essere “Sweet Pea” e “Bunch” (tratte dall’album più riuscito, “The Problem With Me“, e l’ultima in coda al post con un video). Eppure per chi ama (l’ordine è casuale) basket, musica, college, North Carolina ed NCAA è impossibile non indicare “King Rice“, dal primo disco “Headsparks”. Una canzone dedicata ad un playmaker (King Rice appunto, attualmente, credo, Assistant Coach a Vanderbilt) da un fantastico gruppo di Chapel Hill. Difficile chiedere di più.

MP3 Seam: King Rice

WebSite: Seam



Song Of The Day: Saxon Shore – Nothing Changes

Un passato nascosto (ma con quattro album ed un Ep) per una miscela post affine a quella degli Explosions In The Sky. La partenza dei Saxon Shore, però, non è il Texas, ma Philadelphia. Nel 2009 è uscito “It Doesn’t Matter” ed ad inizio anno si potranno vedere live al Bronson di Ravenna. Un brano come “Nothing Changes” è una discreta presentazione.

MP3 Saxon ShoreNothing Changes

MySpace: Saxon Shore

Saxon Shore


On Fillmore

Dilatazioni esotico/strumentali, spesso ipnotiche, sempre ricercate nella loro evoluzione. “Extended Vacation” (Dead Oceans) scatta di lato rispetto ad altri dischi riferibili a dimensioni in bilico fra ambient e post. Non avanti, perchè nel concreto la sperimentazione non osa mai troppo, ma da una parte, perchè tenta un percorso personale laddove troppi si incagliano nelle stesse acque.

MP3 On Fillmore: Master Moon

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On Fillmore


Song Of The Day: Tindersticks – Black Smoke

Falling Down A Mountain” è il seguito di “The Hungry Saw”. Sempre per Constellation (nel Nord America), con l’aggiunta della griffe 4AD (tutto il mondo che resta).
Il disco uscirà a metà febbraio 2010. “Black Smoke” ne è un anticipo.

MP3 Tindersticks Black Smoke

Falling Down A Mountain


Great albums of the past: Jason Anderson – New England

After releasing two records and a half (given that “Something/Everything” was credited to Jason Anderson/Wolf Colonel) under the “Wolf Colonel” moniker, Jason Anderson decided it was high time to use his own name and not to hide behind a band’s name. This decision lead him to the release of his most sincere, complete, and satisfying record to date, “New England” (K Records).
The album was produced by Phil Elvrum of The Microphones/Mount Eeerie and features 11 songs of warm and cohesive beauty. Anderson wears his heart on his sleeve and lets us into his universe made of thoughtful lyrics, gentle acoustic music, and subtle and intriguing arrangements.
From the inspired duet between Anderson and Elvrum (”You Fall”), where their voices intertwine so perfectly over acoustic guitar strums, piano chords, and drums, to yet another heartbreaking duet between Anderson and Mirah (”A Book Laid on its Binding,” a song written by Joe Knapp of Omaha’s Son Ambulance), New England strikes a chord with me and makes me want to isolate myself from the rest of the world for a couple of hours to truly appreciate the intricacies at work. The wonderful “Hold” even features a gospel-like chorus of what sounds like the entire K Records family singing along . The overall feeling of the album is melancholic and autumnal, and a song written by Phil Elvrum, “Thanksgiving” (this songs is also on The Microphones’ album “Live in Japan, Feb. 19th, 21st and 22nd 2000”) fits in perfectly with the mood, as does the intimate folk rock of such songs as “I Want My Summer Back” and “So Long.”
If you are looking for honest, heartfelt, and beautiful folk rock and indie pop music, all you have to do is head to New England, call a nice guy named Jason Anderson, and enjoy all his wonderful songs!

MP3 Jason AndersonYou Fall

MySpace: Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson