Take It And Run #3

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1. Elfin SaddleTemple Daughter

2. Holy OakMy Baby With Her Castanets

3. SoutherlyClose To The Crime

4. Lee MemorialBerlin

5. CluesPerfect Fit

6. Spiritual Mansions The Sweeter Side

7. BeadsEvil

8. The Curse Of CompanyHomecoming

9. A Singer Of SongsSad Life, Bad Lie

10. Jesper NordaLet’s Go To A Place Infected With Truth And Resist With All Of Our Hearts

11. JBMRed October

12. His ClancynessDream Tune

13. Late-Night-StaticThe Chances We Never Take

14. Sons Of Noel And AdrianDivorce

15. Toby Keane Lady Napalm

Take It And Run #2

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1. Audie DarlingA Collection Of Sorts

2. Francis and Louis One Two

3. Leonard MynxMary

4. Sara LovJust Beneath The Chords

5. The Piano CreepsHey Love

6. The Long LostAmiss

7. Butcher BoyCarve A Pattern

8. Gentle FriendlyFive Girl Night

9. AmuteBreak

10. Trouble BooksNight Of The Pelican Street Sweeper

11. Dear ReaderDearheart

12. SholiTorniquet

13. Impossible HairHave You Got The Dog

14. Maus HausWe Used Technology (But Technology Let Us Down)

Take It And Run #1

Da questo mese Happy Days Are Here Again offre ai visitatori una compilation scaricabile con gli MP3 degli artisti recensiti nel mese precedente. Si è chiuso gennaio, ed eccovi la prima “Take it and Run”.

1. The DimesBallad Of Winslow Homer [post]

2. Hey MarseillesCannonballs [post]

3. Sparky Deathcap Berlin Syndrome [post]

4. BalmorheaHarm And Boon [post]

5. Natural Snow BuildingsThe Cover Up [post]

6. Squares On Both Sides Kitsune [post]

7. The Deep Dark WoodsAll The Money I Had Is Gone [post]

8. Beautiful Leopard Take Care Over [post]

9. Tom CooneyMountains in The Sky [post]

10. Cornflakes Heroes Let Me Be Your Tamagotchi [post]

11. The Crayon FieldsMirror Ball [post]

12. Frontier RuckusThe Tower (demo) [post]

13. Saeta Can’t Image The World without You [post]

14. Lost In The TreesFireplace [post]

15. The Secret HistoryIt’s Not The End Of The World, Jonah [post]

16. Entertainment For The Braindead A Trace [post]

17. ModdiRubbles [post]

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