Of Information And Belief (Roba di gusto del 2020)

(Sempre grazie a Diego)

(l’ordine è casuale)

June Of 44 -Revisionist: Adaptations & Future Histories In The Time Of Love And Survival

Bill Callahan – Gold Records

Memory Drawings – A Few Scatered Hours

Postcards – The Good Soldier

Montevale – Figure And Ground

Rebecca Foon – Waxing Moon

Oiseaux-Tempête – TLAMESS (Sortilège) O.S.T

Gunn/Trucisnki duo – Soundkeeper

Rapt – None Of This Will Matter

Yellow 6 – Silent Streets And Empty Skies

Jim White & Marisa Anderson – The Quickening

Lambchop – Trip

AA.VV. Field Works – Ultrasonic

Gwenifer Raymond – Strange Lights Over Garth Mountain

Natalie Jane Hill – Azalea

Happyness – Floatr

Thurston Moore – By The Fire

Sophia – Holding On / Letting Go

Nothing – The Great Dismal

Lisa/Liza – Shelter Of A Song

Ronnie O'Sullivan