Song Of The Day: Bitch Magnet – Mesentery

Nell’attesa del Nightmare Before Xmas. Per chi, nella vita, fosse stato distratto da mille e troppe cazzate. Grazie ai Bitch Magnet e Temporary Residence.

Holy shitballs! This is sincerely a dream come true for us. One of the most influential and truly seminal underground rock bands of the past 25 years is finally getting the revisited and resurrected love they deserve. Seriously, if it weren’t for Bitch Magnet, the 90s punk and indie rock landscape would look and sound very different. Mogwai, Don Caballero, Superchunk, Sunn O))), Rodan, June of 44 and countless others owe a debt to Bitch Magnet. After being out-of-print for nearly 15 years, we are ecstatic to bring you Bitch Magnet’s entire recorded output, collected in one mind-blowing 3xCD or 3xLP package! Remastered from the original, restored analog master tapes and packaged in stunning triple gatefolds packed with dozens of rare and never-before-seen photos and flyers, this is a sight and sound to behold! Trust us, DO NOT SKIP THIS! This is a pre-order and will ship on or around November 15. Also, don’t miss Bitch Magnet’s rare reunion gigs in Europe, Asia and the UK, including an appearance at ATP!

MP3 Bitch Magnet – Mesentery


Of Information And Belief (dischi e concerti 2009)

#1 Do Make Say Think– Other Truths (Constellation)
MP3 Do Make Say ThinkMake

#2 Bill Callahan – Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle (Drag City)
MP3 Bill CallahanEid Ma Clack Shaw

#3 Vic Chesnutt– At The Cut (Constellation)
MP3 Vic ChesnuttPhilip Guston

#4 Megafaun– Gather, Form & Fly (Hometapes)
MP3 MegafaunKaufman’s Ballad

#5 Balmorhea– All Is Wild, All Is Silent (Western Vinyl)
MP3 BalmorheaRemembrance

#6 Barzin– Notes To An Absent Lover (Monotreme)
MP3 BarzinThe Dream Song

#7 Mansfield Tya– Seules Au Bout De 23 Secondes (Vicious Circle)
MP3 Mansfield TyaJe Ne Rêve Plus

#8 Rachel Grimes– Book Of Leaves (Ruminance)
MP3 Rachel GrimesMy Dear Companion

#9 Mono– Hymn To The Immortal Wind (Temporary Records)
MP3 MonoAshes In The Snow

#10 Phosphorescent – To Willie (Dead Oceans)
MP3 PhosphorescentReasons To Quit

#11 Dakota Suite– The End Of Trying (Karaoke Kalk)
MP3 Dakota SuiteThings We Lost Along The Way

#12 Sleep Whale– Houseboat (Western Vinyl)
MP3 Sleep WhaleLight Tunnel

#13 Eels– Hombre Lobo (Vagrant)
MP3 EelsThat Look You Give That Guy

#14 Low Anthem– Oh My God, Charlie Darwin (Nonesuch)
MP3 Low AntheCharlie Darwin

#15 Mi And L’Au– Good Morning Jokers (Borne!)
MP3 Mi And L’AuUp In The Building

Concerti (seguendo un fottuto ordine cronologico e, in caso di date contemporanee, alfabetico):

Vic Chesnutt (21-03, Bronson), Yann Tiersen (15-05, ATP Curated by The Breeders), Shellac (16-05, ATP Curated by The Breeders), Dianogah (17-05, ATP Curated by The Breeders), Shellac (17-05, ATP Curated by The Breeders), Mogwai (17-07, Firenze), Gianni Mura (27-08, Hana Bi), Polvo (14-11, Bronson), Alexander Tucker & Decomposed Orchestra (11-12, ATP Ten Years), Bardo Pond (11-12, ATP Ten Years), Tortoise (11-12, ATP Ten Years), For Carnation (12-12, ATP Ten Years), Papa M (12-12, ATP Ten Years), Shellac (12-12, ATP Ten Years), Shellac (13-12, ATP Ten Years), Explosions In The Sky (13-12, ATP Ten Years)


Ten Years Of Atp (Minehead, 11-13 December 2009)

Per un compleanno importante un cast perfetto. Ed il regalo più bello. Noi siamo già partiti.

MP3 For CarnationHow I Beat The Devil


All Tomorrow’s Parties

Visto che siamo appena rientrati dall’ATP 2009 (Shellac, Tiersen e Dianogah su tutti, qui una sintesi dettagliata), pare opportuno ricordare l’appuntamento del 24 Giugno all’Edinburgh International Film Festival. Sarà, infatti, l’occasione per assistere alla premiere di un film sul festival da noi tanto amato. Tra le (numerosissime) esibizioni sulla pellicola quelle di Mogwai, Slint, Battles, Sonic Youth, Dirty Three e Grinderman. In più, per chi mai avesse assisistito ad un’edizione dell’All Tomorrow’s Parties, la possibilità di vedere come si trasforma un villaggio vacanze in location per concerti.

Website: ATP

Website: Edinburgh International Film Festival

Of information and belief (dischi, concerti e video dell’anno)

#1 Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band – 13 Blues For Thirteen Moons (Constellation)
ascolta: MP3 Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La BandBlindBlindBlind

#2 Vic Chesnutt, Elf Power And The Amorphous Strums – Dark Developments (Orange Twin)
ascolta: MP3 Vic Chesnutt, Elf Power And The Amorphous StrumsAnd How

#3 Micah P. Hinson – And The Red Empire Orchestra (Full Time Hobby)
ascolta: MP3 Micah P. HinsonI Keep Havin’ These Dreams

#4 Matt Elliott – Howling Songs (Ici D’Ailleurs)
ascolta: MP3 Matt ElliottA Broken Flamenco

#5 Gregor Samsa – Rest (Own Records)
ascolta: MP3 Gregor SamsaJeroen Van Aken

#6 Mogwai – The Hawk Is Howling (Matador)
ascolta: MP3 MogwaiScotland’s Shame

#7 Damien Jurado – Caught In The Trees (Secretly Canadian)
ascolta: MP3 Damien JuradoGillian Was A Horse

#8 David Grubbs – An Optimist Notes the Dusk (Drag City)
ascolta: MP3 David GrubbsAn Optimist Declines

#9 Neil Halstead – Oh! Mighty Engine (Bushfire Records)
ascolta: MP3 Neil HalsteadPaint A Face

#10 Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago (Jagjaguwar)
ascolta: MP3 Bon IverSkinny Love

#11 Tindersticks – The Hungry Saw (Constellation)
ascolta: MP3 TindersticksThe Hungry Saw

#12 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – S/T (Say Hey Records)
ascolta: MP3 Miles Benjamin Anthony RobinsonBuriedfed

#13 Goldmund – The Malady Of Elegance (Type Records)
ascolta: MP3 GoldmundImage-Autumn-Womb

#14 Alexander Tucker – Portal (Atp)
ascolta:MP3 Alexander TuckerVeins To The Sky

#15 Balmorhea – River Arms (Western Vinyl)
ascolta: MP3 BalmorheaThe Winter

#16 Thank You – Terrible Two (Thrill Jockey)
ascolta: MP3 Thank YouEmpty Legs

#17 Silver Jews – Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea (Drag City)
ascolta: MP3 Silver JewsSuffering Jukebox

#18 Desolation Wilderness – White Light Strobing (K Records)
ascolta: MP3 Desolation WildernessAnd All The Boys Looked

#19 Thalia Zedek Band – Liars And Prayers (Thrill Jockey)
ascolta: MP3 Thalia Zedek BandLower Allston

#20 Bill Dixon With Exploding Star Orchestra – Bill Dixon With Exploding Star Orchestra (Thrill Jockey)
ascolta: MP3 Bill Dixon With Exploding Star OrchestraEntrances-One


Polvo@ ATP Curated By Explosions In The Sky-Minehead
Smog@ Bronson-Madonna Dell’Albero
Micah P. Hinson@ Soundlabs-Roseto Degli Abruzzi
Explosions In The Sky @ Atp Curated By Explosions In The Sky-Minehead
Silver Jews-Phosphorescent@ Atp Curated By Explosions In The Sky-Minehead