Barzin – It’s Come To This

Bad Panda Records ha messo a disposizione oggi in download gratuito un brano inedito di Barzin, “It’s Come to This”.
Una canzone meravigliosa per salutare l’inizio del nuovo anno.

MP3 BarzinIt’s Come To This

Cover Art

It’s Come To This

You slip your hands
under her dress
The summer moon is soft
3 am in a dark alleyway
This is as close
as you’re gonna get to God
Yeah, it’s come to this
Is this really what you sought?
Yeah, it’s come to this
And all you can do
is go and put it in a song
What a beautiful mess
that you made for yourself
what a beautiful mess
that you made for yourself
Stumble home through
crooked streets
No one around but
your thoughts
The smell of her
still on your fingers
And you wonder
if you should put that in your song.
Yeah, it’s come to this
Is this really what you sought?
Yeah, it’s come to this
Here is your life
in art.
Go and put that
in your songs.
Go and put it
in your songs.

Label: Bad Panda Records
Catalog: BADPANDA005
Release Date: 4-1-2010
Title Release: It’s Come To This (single)
Creative Commons License: BY-NC-ND 3.0



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Concerti (seguendo un fottuto ordine cronologico e, in caso di date contemporanee, alfabetico):

Vic Chesnutt (21-03, Bronson), Yann Tiersen (15-05, ATP Curated by The Breeders), Shellac (16-05, ATP Curated by The Breeders), Dianogah (17-05, ATP Curated by The Breeders), Shellac (17-05, ATP Curated by The Breeders), Mogwai (17-07, Firenze), Gianni Mura (27-08, Hana Bi), Polvo (14-11, Bronson), Alexander Tucker & Decomposed Orchestra (11-12, ATP Ten Years), Bardo Pond (11-12, ATP Ten Years), Tortoise (11-12, ATP Ten Years), For Carnation (12-12, ATP Ten Years), Papa M (12-12, ATP Ten Years), Shellac (12-12, ATP Ten Years), Shellac (13-12, ATP Ten Years), Explosions In The Sky (13-12, ATP Ten Years)


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Barzin – An unreleased poem

Barzin was so kind to send me a poem he recently wrote. It is unreleased.

I have sat on leather sofas
waited in waiting rooms
in subways stations.
I have dreamt of limbs
of soft eyes
velvet breasts.

Autumn went by without me
the yellow leaves piling
higher and higher.

I had so much to say then
I had so much to say
yet I saved them for a day like today.
And now
I have forgotten everything

The problem with the heart
is that it wants the world.
It wants everything:
fresh laundry on Sundays
avocados and French baguettes
girls in long leather boots
ruby cunts to kiss
a house to call its own
and Death, yes even Death.
It wants a simple, quiet death.

These days I am distracted
one step behind my deeds
sleeping walking through a fog
thinking too much about loneliness
and as always someone else’s voice has
gotten caught in my thoughts
and I mistake it for my own.

I still fall in love
wherever I go.

Ah, the beauty that is so close to touch
yet always out of reach.

Where is the girl who lay beside me last year?
Whose arms is she in tonight?
Who is picking flowers for her hair?

Maybe I’ll go to Paris.
The city of forgetfulness.
The unreal city.

I am ready for a new kind of death.

© 2009 Barzin



I have made you (another) mixtape

Haunted By Ghosts is the first mixtape compiled by Ghost PR and featuring some cool Italian and foreign bands they are currently working with.

Click here to download the mixtape (.zip, 112.44 MB)

Some MP3’s you’ll find on the mixtape:

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MP3 65DaysofstaticRetreat! Retreat!

MP3 DenteVieni A Vivere

MP3 BarzinNobody Told Me

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