Song Of The Day: Liam J Hennessy – Canyon

WebSite: Liam J Hennessy

Liam J Hennessy


Play It Slow – A Slowcore Mixtape

download it here (.zip, 69,2 MB)

*01 ArcoAll This World
**02 The For Carnation Imyr, Marshmallow
*03 CanyonYellow Tape
**04 Pedro The Lion Almost There
**05 Red House Painters Katy Song
*06 MolassesSaint Catherine (Idiot’s Waltz)
*07 Monroe MustangBottle Rocket
*08 Drunk A Mere Passerby
**09 RexHigh School Dance Hit
**10 Codeine Pickup Song
*11 Timonium Self Evidence
**12 MovietoneSummer

* chosen by Giuseppe
** Chosen by Delso