Of Information And Belief (roba di gusto del 2013)

Shannon Wright – In Film Sound

Eluvium- Nightmare Ending
Bill Callahan – Dream River
Matt Elliott- Only Myocardial Infarction Can Break Your Heart
Small Sur- Labor
The Doomed Bird of Providence – Blind Mouths Eat
Boards Of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest
The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries – Mass. Grave
Eagleowl – This Silent Year
Scout Niblett – It’s Up to Emma
T.E. Morris – And You Were The Hunter
Lights & Motion – Save Your Heart
The Teeth- Brennschluss
Sarah Neufeld – Hero Brother
Jim Guthrie – Takes Time

Roba dell’anno
Rodan – Fifteen Quiet Years

Pezzo lacrimone
Massimo Volume –Vic Chesnutt


Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Papier Tigre

The Second Hand Marching Band

Intorno a Glasgow. Dai sedici ai ventidue componenti, in fuga estemporanea da altri progetti (Eagleowl, Q Without U, Dananananaykroyd, The Just Joans, Lula Maes, How To Swim…). Un Ep, ” A Dance to Half Death ” (Chaffinch Records), fra folk, ricchezza strumentale, modernariato balcanico, coralità e dilatazione. Attraverso la più tipica delle tradizioni scozzesi.

MP3 The Second Hand Marching BandA Dance To Half Death

MP3 The Second Hand Marching Band Lies

MySpace: The Second Hand Marching Band