Song of the day: Timid, the Brave – Alice

“I wrote ‘Alice’ several years ago after my grandmother passed away. After her funeral, there was this really bizarre moment in my grandparents’ apartment when my grandfather called us all upstairs to their bedroom. He had laid out all of her old jewelry on their bed and we took turns selecting pieces of the jewelry. I chose a piece that really stood out to me: a necklace with a single leaf that had been dipped in gold. That image connected with me; the idea that something so fragile and temporary could be clothed in something so valuable and enduring, that our lives hold extraordinary meaning despite their impermanence. That’s the image the song was born out of. It’s a song about love and life and death, and finding a way to fight through the varying levels of devastation that we all experience.”


The Head and The Heart

A folksy Beatles or the Avett Brothers with a little extra oomph”. Così si autodefiniscono gli Head and The Heart, gli ultimi – in ordine di tempo – di una lunga serie di musicisti dell’area di Seattle, che affondano le proprie radici nella musica folk, ad emergere. Lo scorso mese di giugno il sestetto americano ha pubblicato un album d’esordio, omonimo e autoprodotto, che brilla di luce propria grazie a ballate nelle quali spiccano arrangiamenti d’archi quasi sinfonici, armonie vocali perfette e melodie pop.
Un disco di cui avevo proprio bisogno in questo momento. Mi perdo nelle ballate degli Head and The Heart, chiudo gli occhi e sogno di essere altrove.

MP3 The Head and The HeartCoeur D’Alene

MySpace: The Head and The Heart