Great albums of the past: Polar – Comes With A Smile

Since forming in 1994, Valencia (Spain)-based Polar has written and played music while constantly increasing its fanbase in the musicians’ own country.
You can easily understand the reason why Polar’s music is well worth investigation upon hearing the band’s album “Comes With A Smile”, released by the Spanish label Jabalina. You will be fascinated by Polar’s sublime melodies, delicate instrumentation, beautiful arrangements, and equally beautiful vocals.
The album opens with the instrumental “Red Leaves Falling.” A soundtrack to an imaginary movie, this song shines with its gentle guitar strums and haunting melodies. “No Chances” is possibly one of the most moving song I’ve ever heard. At its beginning, the slow pace creates a rare atmosphere almost as impercetible as silence, and when the vocals finally kick in I realize that no other band had ever followed in the footsteps of Galaxie 500 so well.
“Home” showcases richer guitar textures, and it’s the most powerful track of the album in a way that The New Year fans will truly appreciate. “Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid” is obviously inspired by Sam Peckinpah’s movie. The sound is warm and the arrangements are nothing more than perfect, while the strings and harmonica played by singer and guitarist Jesus de Santos will break your heart into pieces. “Understand” has a long instrumental intro. Strings are brought in to flesh out some of the most memorable melodies you’re going to hear, and the drumming is subliminal and hypnotic. I played this song hundreds of times, and the more I listen to it the more I like it.
Produced and mixed by Stuart Nicol and Marcus Mackay (The Zephyrs’ singer and drummer) at the Glaswegian Diving Bell Lounge Studios, “Comes With A Smile” is a diverse, compelling, and wonderful record.

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