March MP3 rewind

All the best tracks featured in Happy Days Are Here Again last month!

MP3 1099Beauty Of The Night

MP3 PhosphorescentIt’s Hard To Be Humble (When You’re From Alabama)

MP3 FursaxaSunhead Bowed

MP3 Yuck Georgia

MP3 Akira KosemuraGrassland

MP3 RoommatesBack To The Sun / Girlfriend Swap

MP3 All The Damn KidsThe Books Stop Here

MP3 Clogs (Feat. Matt Beringer)Last Song

MP3 Sweet AppleI’ve Got A Feeling (That Won’t Change)

MP3 Ceremony: Someday

MP3 The Consulate GeneralWhat Time Is It Now

MP3 Stafrænn HákonBright

MP3 65daysofstaticCrash Tactics

Song Of The Day: Phosphorescent – It’s Hard To Be Humble (When You’re From Alabama)

A tre anni dall’ultimo disco di inediti (“Pride“, mentre è del 2009 la coverizzazione di Willie Nelson in “To Willie”), Matthew Houck uscirà a maggio con “Here’s To Taking It Easy” , nuovo album griffato Dead Oceans. In anticipo ecco “It’s Hard To Be Humble (When You’re From Alabama)”.

MP3 PhosphorescentIt’s Hard To Be Humble (When You’re From Alabama)

MySpace: Phosphorescent


Of Information And Belief (dischi e concerti 2009)

#1 Do Make Say Think– Other Truths (Constellation)
MP3 Do Make Say ThinkMake

#2 Bill Callahan – Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle (Drag City)
MP3 Bill CallahanEid Ma Clack Shaw

#3 Vic Chesnutt– At The Cut (Constellation)
MP3 Vic ChesnuttPhilip Guston

#4 Megafaun– Gather, Form & Fly (Hometapes)
MP3 MegafaunKaufman’s Ballad

#5 Balmorhea– All Is Wild, All Is Silent (Western Vinyl)
MP3 BalmorheaRemembrance

#6 Barzin– Notes To An Absent Lover (Monotreme)
MP3 BarzinThe Dream Song

#7 Mansfield Tya– Seules Au Bout De 23 Secondes (Vicious Circle)
MP3 Mansfield TyaJe Ne Rêve Plus

#8 Rachel Grimes– Book Of Leaves (Ruminance)
MP3 Rachel GrimesMy Dear Companion

#9 Mono– Hymn To The Immortal Wind (Temporary Records)
MP3 MonoAshes In The Snow

#10 Phosphorescent – To Willie (Dead Oceans)
MP3 PhosphorescentReasons To Quit

#11 Dakota Suite– The End Of Trying (Karaoke Kalk)
MP3 Dakota SuiteThings We Lost Along The Way

#12 Sleep Whale– Houseboat (Western Vinyl)
MP3 Sleep WhaleLight Tunnel

#13 Eels– Hombre Lobo (Vagrant)
MP3 EelsThat Look You Give That Guy

#14 Low Anthem– Oh My God, Charlie Darwin (Nonesuch)
MP3 Low AntheCharlie Darwin

#15 Mi And L’Au– Good Morning Jokers (Borne!)
MP3 Mi And L’AuUp In The Building

Concerti (seguendo un fottuto ordine cronologico e, in caso di date contemporanee, alfabetico):

Vic Chesnutt (21-03, Bronson), Yann Tiersen (15-05, ATP Curated by The Breeders), Shellac (16-05, ATP Curated by The Breeders), Dianogah (17-05, ATP Curated by The Breeders), Shellac (17-05, ATP Curated by The Breeders), Mogwai (17-07, Firenze), Gianni Mura (27-08, Hana Bi), Polvo (14-11, Bronson), Alexander Tucker & Decomposed Orchestra (11-12, ATP Ten Years), Bardo Pond (11-12, ATP Ten Years), Tortoise (11-12, ATP Ten Years), For Carnation (12-12, ATP Ten Years), Papa M (12-12, ATP Ten Years), Shellac (12-12, ATP Ten Years), Shellac (13-12, ATP Ten Years), Explosions In The Sky (13-12, ATP Ten Years)