The Thoughts

The Thoughts is a Seattle-based band made up of Ian Williams (vocals and guitar), Katie Mosehauer (violin and harp) and Jon Horwath (drums).
The trio came about in 2007. Ian Williams and Jon Horwath, who have played together for a long time joined with Seattle violinist Katie Mosehauer. The band self-released their first album, Consider the Bear, in 2009.
They tell their stories with a mix of savagery and sweetness, at times whispering honeyed words in the ear and at others wailing in reckless abandon. Undertows of graceful string harmonies are pitted against complex, impressionistic percussion in arrangements that are pretty, violent, intimate, and unexpected.
The Thoughts brought the project of their new album to Kickstarter, raised $5,000 and came up with the amazingly beautiful album “I Will Keep You Here”, released on January 27th.
The songs on “I Won’t Keep You Here” are filled with all manner of ukuleles, harps, guitars, glockenspiels, violins, and percussion.
“I Will Keep You Here” is one of the best chamber-folk albums I’ve ever heard. Do yourselves a favor and buy this masterpiece on the band’s website.

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