Song Of The Day: Shipping News – Actual Blood

It was around this hour 3 years ago that I was stuck on 95 about 2 hours north of DC, on my way to the NIH complex. Kristin was there with Jason, he’d taken a nose dive after the clinical trial drugs he’d been given reeked havoc on his immune system. Heart attack, pneumonia, septic infection had settled in – but there was no chance, in my minds eye, that there would be death – I was going to support my sister-in-law, and to see my best man pull through, and grow strong again.
I was just giving my bride a hair-cut sass up – not trying to be overly dramatic, I likened my then mindset to the cover of the New York times on September 11th, 2001 – with images of hasidic jews signing contracts + a story about stem cell research, but no hint of what was to actually happen that day.
I was stuck in traffic on August 2nd, 2012, with images of a healthy JBN singing Depeche Mode covers in between set-list songs, fixin’ dinner at Woodbine and laughing his ass off at whatever, with no idea of what would happen within the next 48 hours.
Dear Forever Best Man, you are missed largely.

Jeff Mueller

Jason Noble

Song Of The Day: The Young Scamels – Full Fathom Five (Thy Father Lies)

A meno di una settimana dall’uscita del nuovo album Shipping News (One Less Heartless To Fear, disco dell’anno a prescindere), troviamo Jason Noble impegnato con due vecchi amici dei Rachel’s (Christian Frederickson e Greg King) nel progetto The Young Scamels. I tre si sono ritrovati nel 2008 per sonorizzare uno spettacolo teatrale, quindi hanno deciso di proseguire insieme sino a realizzare “The Tempest“, lavoro uscito per File 13. Al trio di gran classe si aggiungono l’altro Shipping News (e collaboratore di Shannon Wright) Kyle Crabtree e le intrusioni vocali di Amber Estes (Liberation Prophecy, Invaders) e Jeffery V. Thompson. Come di certo saprete Jason, nell’agosto 2009, è stato colpito da una rara forma di cancro. E’ possibile aiutarlo, contribuendo alle (costose) cure mediche, seguendo questo sito. Ma è anche possibile farlo acquistando due splendide magliette Rodan e Shipping News. Roba importante non solo per chi ha buon gusto musicale.

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