Of Information And Belief (roba di gusto del 2017)

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(L’ordine dei dischi è casualissimo)

Godspeed You! Black Emperor- Luciferian Towers
Shannon Wright – Division
Mogwai – Every Country’s Sun
The New Year – Snow
Piano Magic – Closure
Mount Eerie – A Crow Looked At Me
Christian Frederickson, Jason Noble, Ryan Rumery – The Painted Bird | Amidst
Lysistrata – The Thread
Adrian Crowley – Dark Eyed Messenger
Esmerine – Mechanics Of Dominion
Jessica Moss – Pools Of Light
Do Make Say Think – Stubborn Persistent Illusions
Memory Drwaings – The Nearest Exit
Michael Chapman – 50
The Necks – Unfold
Tara Jane O’Neil – Tara Jane O’Neil
Astrïd & Rachel Grimes-Through The Sparkle
Watter – History Of The Future
Colin Stetson – All This Is Do For Glory
Julie Byrne – Not Even Happiness
Balmorhea – Clear Language
Gunn-Trucinsky Duo – Bay Head
Slowdive – Slowdive
David Grubbs – Creep Mission
Allred & Broderick – Find The Ways
Visionary Hours – Beyond The White

Great Songs Of The Past : Rodan – Darjeeling

MP3 Rodan: Darjeeling

Fifteen Quiet Years out 06/11/2013

Fifteen Quiet Years

After being hidden away for the last several years, Fifteen Quiet Years – all the important Rodan recordings that fans of Rusty have long wished they could unearth! – will be released on June 11th via Quarterstick Records. A celebratory document four years in the making, the collection includes the 1994 BBC Peel session, together with all of Rodan’s long-out-of-print 7″s and compilation tracks.

Despite the brief time span of their existence (1992-1994), Rodan appeared on a surprising number of records. Aside from their classic (and only) full length album Rusty (1994 on Quarterstick Records), the band released the Aviary demo cassette, and the How The Winter Was Passed single. They also contributed tracks to the Compulsiv For Two, Inclined Plane, and Merry Christmas Is For Rockers compilations as well as released a song on the soundtrack to the film Half Cocked (in which they also acted), and recorded a brilliant session at the BBC studios in London for the John Peel show (unreleased until now).

All formats of the album will include a digital download of 10 bonus live recordings selected by Jason, Jeff, Tara, and Kevin from their extensive personal archives. The packaging for the vinyl album and CD was designed by Jason Noble and Jeff Mueller, and has been letterpress printed by Jeff Mueller at his own Dexterity Press studio.

Many artists make their mark in the world while writing and performing in their first or second band, and they never again reach or exceed the high water mark of their earliest artistic output. The members of Rodan are an unusual exception to this all-too-common artistic struggle. Jeff Mueller went on to play guitar and sing in the highly influential and well loved group June Of 44, and subsequently in the very heavy group Shipping News. Jason Noble played bass in the modern classical, indie-phenomena outfit Rachel’s, as well as in Shipping News (with Jeff Mueller). Tara Jane O’Neil contributed her lovely voice and distinct guitar playing to the newly formed The Sonora Pine (together with Kevin Coultas), as well as the duo Retsin. Subsequent to the breakup of The Sonora Pine in 1998, Tara Jane began a solo career as TJO. Kevin Coultas continued to collaborate with Jason Noble (playing drums in Rachel’s), and with Tara Jane O’Neil as the drummer for The Sonora Pine.


Entertainment For The Braindead

Entertainment For the Braindead è il nome d’arte della giovanissima artista folk tedesca Julia Kotowski. Le sue canzoni acustiche, delicate e fragili sono davvero emozionanti. Mi ricordano tanto le migliori cose di Tara Jane O’Neil e, per il sottoscritto, non potrebbe esserci complimento migliore.
L’EP d’esordio di Entertainment For The Braindead (contenente 10 brani), intitolato “Hydrophobia”, è disponibile gratuitamente in rete, grazie alla cooperazione di due netlabels, aaahh records and aerotone. Fatelo vostro cliccando qui .

MP3 Entertainment For The Braindead Colours

MP3 Entertainment For The Braindead A Trace

MySpace: Entertainment For The Braindead
Website: Entertainment For The Braindead