Cover Of The Day: Remember Remember – Twin Peaks theme tune (Angelo Badalamenti cover)

MP3 Remember RememberTwin Peaks theme tune (Angelo Badalamenti cover)

Remember Remember


Song Of The Day: Mansfield Tya – Logic Coco (Radio Version)

Artist: Mansfield Tya
Album: NYX
Place of origin: Nantes, France
Label: Vicious Circle
Featured Track: “Logic Coco”
Links: Twitter | MySpace
Buy: WebSite

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Song Of The Day: Goldmund – Shenandoah

Artist: Goldmund
Album: All Will Prosper
Place of origin: Portland, USA
Western Vinyl
Featured Track: “Shenandoah”
Links: Twitter | MySpace | Facebook
Buy: Western Vinyl

MP3 Goldmund Shenandoah