Song Of The Day: Shellac – Wingwalker

These tracks were recorded at a variety of live benefit shows around Louisville, KY for our dear friend Jason Noble who passed away August 4, 2012 after a 3 year battle with cancer.
Brian and Jason spent countless hours on phones and porches talking about the compilation. Proceeds were to benefit his on-going battle and help ease the financial burdens that accompanied. After his passing, it became a matter of putting out the music as a piece of art he had worked on and the world deserved to hear. The desire to make a physical product has remained strong but financially prohibitive so digital versions are being released with digital versions of the artwork and layouts as close to what had been envisioned as can be achieved through digital means.
The artists (musical and visual) that contributed to this project did so out of love for Jason. We were all inspired by and continue to be influenced by the man that he was and the spirit that lives on through his art, music, film, and memories embedded in all those touched by him along the years.
What was intended as a 2 disc CD set has been broken into 4 parts to showcase each of 4 interchangeable covers we had envisioned in the packaging. Furthermore, being released as digital (avoiding the cost of physical production) and “name your price”, the proceeds from this (if any) will be put back into the Louisville music community in some as of yet undetermined way.

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Jason Noble