Song of the day: Constant Follower – I Can’t Wake You

Self-released, it preludes their ebut album ’Neither is, nor ever was’ on Shimmy Disc / Joyful Noise Recordings (coming in March) having just signed a deal with the label behind countless seminal records from the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Deerhoof, Dinosaur Jr, Kishi Bashi, and Yo La Tengo. The album is being produced by the internationally renowned, Kramer. 

Pain-stricken yet fervently hopeful, Constant Follower’s sound is a product of the trauma of front man Stephen McAll’s past. As a teenager, McAll woke in hospital to find he had survived an attack by a gang that had left him with a catastrophic head injury and every childhood memory stolen from him. 

The next decade was spent in a cabin on the West Coast where Hebridean air was whipped in with the time to reflect, eventually allowing him to begin songwriting again. Originally recorded as raw ideas on cassette tapes, the songs are built of thoughts and feelings forged in fleeting moments.The result is a childhood imagined against a backdrop that, like the sea, is as serene as it is wild; ever-changing, yet resolute. Constant Follower have unbridled gift for tapping into the thoughts and feelings that permeate the human experience, no matter what walk of life this takes.