Of Information And Belief (Roba di gusto del 2019)

(Sempre grazie @thepulpit)

(l’ordine è casuale)

Purple Mountains – Purple Mountains

Pan American – A Son

Oiseaux-Tempête – From Somewhere Invisible

Shannon Wright – Providence

Lysistrata – Breathe In​/​Out

Michael Chapman – True North


Rodan – Hat Factory’93

Rachel Grimes – The Way Forth

Thomas Méreur – Dyrholaey

Fly Pan Am – C’est ça

William Tyler – Goes West

Bill Callahan – Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest

Uzeda – Quocumque Jeceris Stabit

Red River Dialect – Abundance Welcoming Ghosts

Tindersticks – No Treasure But Hope

Eluvium – Pianoworks

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Tracing Back The Radiance

Massimo Volume – Il Nuotatore

Bill McKay – Fountain Fire

Siskiyou – Not Somewhere

These New Puritans – Inside The Rose

Of Information And Belief (Roba di gusto del 2018)

(Sempre grazie @thepulpit)

(L’ordine dei dischi è casualissimo)

Spiritualized – And Nothing Hurt
Declining Winter – Belmonte Slope
Efrim Manuel Menuck – Pissing Stars
Daniel Bachman – The Morning Star
The Ex – 27 Passports
Jessica Moss – Entanglement
Nathan Bowles – Plainly Mistaken
Rivulets – In Our Circle
Roy Montgomery- Suffuse
Daniel Blumberg – Minus
Eric Chenaux – Slowly Paradise
From The Mouth Of The Sun – Sleep Stations
Papa M – A Broken Moon Rises
FACS – Negative Houses
Low – Double Negative
Lubomyr Melnyk – Fallen Trees
Dakota Suite, Dag Rosenqvist And Emanuele Errante – What Matters Most
Giardini Di Mirò – Different Times
Aisha Burns – Argonauta
The Gentleman Loser – Permanently Midnight
Red River Dialect – Broken Stay Open Sky
Epic 45 – Through Broken Summer
Bellini – Before The Day Has Gone
Eels – The Deconstruction

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